See How Ruger Met D’Prince and Got Signed into Jonzing World Records

How Ruger met D'prince and got Signed to Jonzing World Records
How Ruger Got signed to Jonzing World Records

Did you want to know, how Ruger met the D’Prince and got signed into Jonzing World Records. Well you are at the right place at the right time.

Frankly speaking the common query I get most of the time is; How did Ruger met D’Prince and got signed to Jonzing World Records.

Here is how the fortunate incident happened and the duo met each other;

How Ruger met the D'Prince and got signed into Jonzing World Records
Rugger signed to Jonzing World

How Ruger Met D’Prince and Got Signed into Jonzing World Records

Fast rising singer Ruger opens up; on how he got noticed by Charles Enebeli well known as D’Prince or Omoba the CEO of Jonzing records.

According to Ruger who shot into stardom with is hit single “Bounce”. He was recently a phone repairer who works at computer village a renowned technical bazaar. Before D’Prince discovered him via Instagram and got him signed.

Underneath is an insight on how they both linked up.

As alleged by Ruger:

❝ I used to work in Computer Village, fixing phones and some other devices, during my leisure time, I will just do some freestyles and post it on Instagram. All thanks to God for the internet, it has made it easier to discover talents.

Unexpectedly A DM from D-Prince appeared out of nowhere. He told me he’s coming back soon and wants to start working with me while he was on tour with Rema in America at that time.

I said to myself “is this it”.. Nah let me sleep small and wake up later to see if it was all a dream. My sister, who was using my phone at that time, woke me up while I was sleeping and informed me that D’Prince had texted me once more to say he would be arriving on this day ❞.

Initially Ruger was in doubt about the whole scenairo, but what actually triggered him to believe D’Prince was really serious. Was the moment D’Prince gave him a call, after arriving at the Airport. On the call conversation D’Prince himself told Ruger to come straight up to his studio to record. Which he did and fortunately got signed up, and the rest was history.

Artists signed to JZ:

Presently Jonzing World houses two artist; The ace known to be Rema and now Ruger. Both artist are adroit and elegance in their own ways.

Hit released:

Meanwhile aside from “Bounce” Ruger has went on to release more hit jam, which includes:

Dior, Snapchat, Champion, Useless, Bounce, Bow, Monalisa, Abu Dhabi, Girlfriend and lot’s more just a few to mention.

Ruger Features:

In terms of features, Ruger has worked with mega artists, which are; Rema and D’Prince. While features from upcoming artists include; KO, Projexx and Midas The Jagaban.

Ruger Tour:

Ruger has toured in Australia, titled The Rugged Tour 2022, and he performed in 6 different cities namely; Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth.

That’s it. Hope you now have knowledge of how Ruger met D’Prince and got signed up to Jonzing Records. If so be sure to share.

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