10 Ways to Make Money Blogging in Nigeria 2022

Ways to make money from blog

Did you know that aside from google ads, they are other effective numerousĀ  ways to generate money from a blog. Nevertheless here on this article we have already revealed the legitimate 10 ways to make money from blogging in Nigeria.

Meanwhile It is every bloggers desire to make money from his or her blog and at the same time to have an ideas on how to make that possible.

It is quiet unfortunately that a lot of individuals might not know or still be wondering how to make money from their blog but yet to be realize but with a step by step tutor guide it can be applied.

Without wasting much time let us dive down to the listed, varieties of possible ways on how to derive money from blogging.

10 Ways to Make Money Blogging in Nigeria 2022

1. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a considerable and popularly means of earning which was purposely made for website and Blog Publishers.

In Google AdSense blog publishers are been paid for every CPC (Cost Per Click) & EPC (Earning Per Click) on Ads that is been click on their site.

If your blog is doing extremely well when it comes to Traffic you can take advantage at this fabulous opportunity.

If you can make use of the tool appropriately you can generate a massive revenue.

2. Online Courses

Online Courses is related to selling of things which you know about, this can be either skills of any kind such as: Teaching how to prepare a particular dish, baking of cakes, online programming, which can be implemented on blogs and this can be sold online. This courses can be studied online and can also help to attract a lot of traffic to a website which in return will result to a huge sum of money.

3. Sponsored Content

Sponsored content this is also known as local advertisement where individuals product either article or video is been displayed on a website or blog by a publisher and influencer.

When sponsoring a content you have to consider the quality of the content together with images so as to be able to target the accurate audience.

Sponsored articles can be gotten from massive brand and when advertised on your blog will be able to derive a positive sum of money.

4. E-book

eBook can be made from a specific application and this is also known as a soft copy which can as well be downloaded from the internet.

it can be written by an employed writer or the personal owner after done with the production of the eBook it can then be advertised and sold on your blog beside eBook has a large number of purchasers who are always available online.

5. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is an Affiliate program which is connected to both the advertiser (you) and retailer (Amazon) which together they benefit from each other.

Apart from that an agreement is needed to be done before product promotion can commence by the advertiser.

Moreover for every link product that is been click and a purchase is been made by the buyer the amazon associates gets a commission.

If you can be able to market as many product as possible of Amazon on your blog and make much sales you can be able to make a enormous sum of money on your blog.

6. Banner Ads

Banner Ads is a popularly ways of advertising a brand this is been done by a large number of blogs.

A lot of brand dose this to promote their brand and to also get visitors directly to their hosted site this advertisement can be see in form of a box, column or bar on a webpage.

The banner main function is to attract traffic to a site which in return can result to a seal marketing deal the massive the traffic the accumulation the income.

7. Contextual Ads

Contextual advertising is a fixed way of targetedĀ  advertising where by advertisements are beenĀ  appeared on websites or other media, such as content displayed on mobile browsers devices. In contextual ads the system displays ads which content are similarly related to your website and this is determine by the targeted keywords. For every number of contextual ads displaying on your blog you are been paid for every clicks with this you can be able to make a good amount of money but it only depends on the numbers of interactive clicks.

8. Promote Paid Webinar or Live Event

Webinar promotion is also known as a paid web conference promotion, online meeting or a presentation that is been carried out online.

Live event is beneficial to both presenter and attendance the most significant requirement when it comes to live events is the targeted audience.

With the promotion of webinar paid events you can derive a positive number of traffic to your blog and get remunerated by the advertiser.

9. Consulting Service

Consulting services is a profession that is specialize at giving advice on a certain field.

To be able to make money from consulting service you must be able to convert your experience or skills into tutoring service.

And by so doing you can make money from your blog from per project rendered.

10. Get Paid to Write Reviews

A lot of brands who own a product can request for people to write an accurate negative and positive review about them. And to be able to make a proper review you must be an individual who is experienced and consistent at freelancing and beside you can get a lot of reviewing jobs on freelance platforms and this can earn you a significant sum of money.

In Conclusion

With the already listed ways above if applied accurately you can earn cool money from your blog.

If you feel their is something missing or you know of any other alternative ways of making money from, blog you can share that with us on the comment section below.

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