The World Dirtiest Man is Dead: Amou Haji Dies After First Bath

Amou Haji the world dirtiest man
World dirtiest man Amou Haji

The World Dirtiest Man is Dead: Amou Haji Dies After First Bath

The foremost dirtiest man in the world, Amou Haji is Dead.

Amou Haji was pronounced dead, after a group of villagers forcefully gave him a first bath.

According to Amou Haji, he despises bathing right from his childhood.

Obviously it is amusing, how he has finally meet up with his worst fear, which have withered, his life.

And this was what really ensued, that led to his dead;

Amou Haji, is an Iranian man who has abstain from bathing with soap and water for over 60 years, over fear that bathing will make him sick.

According to report from Iran New Agency, Amou Haji who experienced emotional setbacks in his youthful days in the village of Dejgah, the southern province of Fars, gave up the ghost on Sunday the 24th of October 2022 after he was persuaded to bath for the first time in 60 years.

Here is a portrait of his body covered in soot;

Haji in soot

As affirmed by locals; they said he died of an undisclosed infection, that is been caused by dirty water.

Apparently Haji died at age 94, despite is weird lifestyle.

And this bring us to the saying… “No one knows you, better than you know your self”. Rest well Haji.

Moreover for further insight about Amou Haji. You can go through his personal bio beneath;

The World Dirtiest Man; Amou Haji Bio, Food, Lifestyle and Other Things you Don’t Know about the filthy Man

Amou Haji, was born on the 20th of August 1928, in Far province Persia. He deceased on the 23rd of October 2022.

Until Amou Haji death, he lived in a shack and a hole in Dejgah southern province of Fars in Iran. Due to his fear that soap and water, might cause disease, he rufuse having his bath for over 60 years.

He went as far as wearing same dirty single cloth for years, without having to wash nor change it. For real this part will be so inconvenient, for a lot of human out there to attempt.

Amou Haji, is an hermit. This was what made him an hermit – as reported by Zme Science; during his youth he had an heartbreak from a lady, who he asked out but unfortunate for him, She turned down his request.

Ever since then Amou Haji, chose to leave in filths. Being a celibate, and very much isolated.

Haji leaves and sleep in a hole, which he dug by himself. While sometimes he may decide to sleep in an open brick shack, which residiant built for him.

Meanwhile during winter, Haji wears rags and uses a war helmet to protect his head.

Several residiant of Dejgah have volunteered to assist him with some necessities of life, like: clothes, water and food. But surprisingly, Haji will always turn down there favour. In fact as allege by Mr Haji – attempting to care for him makes him so sad.

Nonetheless disclose underneath is other vital inform pertaining the world filthiest man.

Amou Haji Lifestyle and Hobbies

Lot’s of individual globally has a particular lifestyle and hobbies. As for the world filthy man he is no exceptional.


Haji became sully, after experiencing an heartbreak while in Youthhood, this made him a bit isolated. Though many are still in doubt if he does look after himself. Yes Haji, does look after himself, with the aid of a car mirror for grooming “according to Tehran Times reported”. And when he needs an haircut, he uses just fire to burn his locks.

Furtherly in 2019 – Hammond describe Haji, as an Iranian who has a face and beard caked in mustard brown earth – This makes him blend with the landscape of southern Iran. Hammond also said, when Haji sits still, he looks exactly like a rock. Wow actually I thought as much afterall going days without having a body wash, talk more of years, is totally something else.


Mr Haji, addictive hobbies, involves smoking animal excrement with his pipe.

He has been photographed occasionally smoking several cigarette at a time.

In short, according to Daily Mail UK, smoking relaxes him.

He his also good in politics matters. Report from LADbible states that: Haji does keep up with politics affairs, and discusses more on past memories of war he witness – during the French and Russian Revolution. Local government even allege Haji is delightful to speak with, despite his grimy appearance.

Amou Haji Favourite Food

Mr Haji feeds on roadkill, rotten meat from dead animal. But his favourite diets is rotten porcupine meat. He also drinks five litres of water a day from rusty oil can.

On several occasions, denizen of Dejgah have rendered fresh food and water to Haji, but he will constantly rejects it. This is because he has aversion to clean food and water.

The World Dirtiest Man; Amou Haji Health Status

After leaving in dirt’s for golden years. Who would have ever thought a human, will survive in filth for a very long time. Anyways Amou Haji broke the record by proving to the world. That he can still exist even while in filths. To further prove his believe in cleaniness can lead to illness.

During the time Haji was alive a series of health test was carried out on him by a team of doctors, which was led by Dr. Gholamreza Molavi, professor of parasitology at the Tehran School of Public Health. Including AIDs and Hepatitis tests. But fortunate enough the test confirmed Haji was in perfect health and diseases free. His immune system was also in good condition, even stronger than ever. Besides the only ailment, he has was a trichinosis, a disease caused by consumption of raw or under cooked meat.

Surprisingly the infection does not have a negative impact on Haji’s health nor caused him any discomfort.

The Death of The Filthiest Man: Amou Haji

Amou Haji Death was a shocking news. He died after Dejgah villagers persuaded him to take his first bath. Despite his fear for soap and water, with the believe it will make him sick. He had his first bath in 65 years. According to the guardian, Haji fell sick and died a few month after bathing.

Fortunate enough, before his departure he lived up-to 94 years, which is considered a nonagenarian.

Am sure if not for his dreadful fear for soap and water. He would have lived up-to 100 years and above.

Here are some other photos of Mr Haji below;

World dirtiest man Amou Haji smokes animal excrement in his pipe
Haji smoke’s animal dung in his pipe
World dirtiest man Amou Haji smokes five cigarette at a time
Haji smoke’s five cigarette at a time
World dirtiest man Amou Haji smokes animal dung in his pipe
Amou Haji sits in dirt's
Amou Haji sits in front of his shack brick house

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