Top 12 Twin Nollywood Actors: In Real Life (See Pictures)

Twin nollywood actors and actresses

Have you ever wonder, if there are twin actors or actresses in the nollywood industry?, aside from the popular known actress Chidima and Chidiebere Aneke.

To clear your doubt, read along to discover for yourself. The other existing skilled talented twin actors in the nollywood industry. Though they might not be that prominent, that does not deplete their acting prowess. Moreover what matter, is they, are into acting, striving to make an imprint in the filming industry.

But before we delve into the list. Here are list of things we are going to ascertain on this article.

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So now let’s get into the list of the 12 twin nollywood actors in real life and their photos.

12 Twin Nollywood Actors in Real Life With Their Photos

1. Chidiebere and Chidima Aneke

Twin nollywood actress Chidiebere and Chidima Aneke

Chidiebere and Chidima Aneke are popular, ace twin actress in the nollywood industry. They are both called Aneke Twins or simply Aneke sisters. The duo have starred in several prodigious movies. Their debut screen performance, was ” Desperate Twins “, which skyrocket them to stardom. Their other starred movies are: Broken Ambition, Lagos Girl, Adora, Jealous-Friends and more. They have also acted alongside actors and actress. Including; Patience Ozokwor, Abraham Nwodu, Chioma Chukuwka Akpotha, Ebere Okpara many others. Chidiebere and Chidima, are still making wave in the entertainment industry.

2. Joy and Joyce Mmeka

Twin nollywood actors Joy and Joyce Mmeka

Joy and Joyce Mmeka are astonishing twin actors. They may not be as popular as Chidima and Chidebere Aneke. But for real they are swift evolving star, and in no distant time will be doing well in the filming industry. Joy and Joyce are talented actress, and have starred in quite numbers of films. Actually this duo screen play, is worth watching go check them out.

3. Nwachukwu and Nwaeze Shire

Twin nollywood actors Nwachukwu and Nwaeze Shire

Nwachukwu and Nwaeze is another promising twin actors to watch out for, the affirmed twin are bunch of talent. Aside from their screen play abilities, they also produce and direct movies. Additionally they own a movie production company named Twin Production. In fact their doggedness have made them a force to reckon in the entertainment industry.

Twin nollywood actors pictures

4. Hassana and Hussaina Musa

Hassana and Hussaina Musa, may not be the popular twin faces you see in everyday nollywood movies. But the duo her talented, Kannywood actors. The Fulani identical twin hails from Maidiguri, Borno State. They ventured into acting at their early twenties.

Both twin attended Maiduguri University, where they obtain a national diploma in social works.

Despite that. The twin have starred in Kannywood movies like; Talatu Numba Daya, Kidiri, Nayi Kudi and more.

5. Hussaina and Hassana Yusuf

Aside from the above mentioned female twins. Here is another twin actress with similar names. Hussaina and Hassana Yusuf, are Fulani by tribe, but hail’s from Kano, Nigeria.

Ever since their enrollment into the filming industry. The astonishing twins have acted in fair numbers of movies.

Which include; Juyin Mulki, Mairon Kauye and more.

6. Taiwo Adedayo and Kehinde Adebola Adesina

Twin nollywood actor Taiwo Adedayo and Kehinde Adebola Adesina

Taiwo Adedayo and Kehinde Adebola Adesina, are currently another fast rising twin thespian. In the entertainment industry.

This twin brothers are worth watching.

Meanwhile, in no distant time, they can become an immense prominent figure.

To back my claim. Not quite long of venturing into the filming industry. Taiwo and Kehide wonned the ENYA awards, meant for the best new actor of the year 2019.

Twin nollywood actors and actresses
Twin nollywood actors

7. Tagwayen Asali

Tagwayen Asali are also known as Arewa Identical. The allege twins are from Kano.

They are singer in the kannywood industry.

Tagwayen Asali, began their singing career at a tender age.

And have released quite numbers of songs like Zuma, Bankwana and many others. Currently they are one of the mega singers making waves in the kannywood industry.

Additionally the affirmed twins. Have also perfomed in consecutive occasions likewise wonned multiple awards.

8. Taiwo and Kehinde Awoduyilemi

Twin nollywood actresses Taiwo and Kehinde Awoduyilemi

Taiwo and Kehinde Awoduyilemi, are one of the popular twin actress, in the yoruba cenima. Taiwo and Kehinde were born on the 19th, December, 1992 in Ondo town, precisely from Ondo State.

The twin sisters initial debut movie was Ojutirito, which skyrocketed them to stardom. Although other movie they have featured in include: Aso Oke, Itoju Aje, Omi Olola and much more.

Twin nollywood actresses

9. Eniola Ajao

Eniola Ajao might be seen as a solo actor in the yoruba nollywood industry. But for real she has a twin sister who is not into acting named Lolade Busari, she is a business woman. Underneath is a photo of the twin sister Eniola Taiwo Ajao and Lolade Kehinde Busari.

10. Taiwo Aromokun

Taiwo Aromokun is another twin yoruba actress. Besides she has a twin sister, named Kehinde Aromokun, who is not into the acting scene. She is actually a successful business woman, unlike Taiwo who delve into acting. Unveiled below is a picture of the twin sisters.

You can also reach out or follow them on their social handle. Taiwo insta user is @taiwoaromokun, while Kehinde insta user is @tweetykenny002.

11. Kehinde Bankole and Taiwo Bankole

Kehinde and Taiwo Bankole, are legitimate twin, they were born on the 27th, March, 1985 in Ogun State. The allege twin sisters might not look much similar physically.

But that does not change the fact they are twin in reality. Though their names alone is a crystal clear prove of that.

Meanwhile not quite long. Both sister had their birthday celebration. As both clock plus one.

12. Treasure and Tracy Daniels

Twin actors Treasure and Tracy Daniels

Treasure and Tracy Daniels are legitimate twin sisters, who have been acting since 2002. Although aside from acting. They are also into beautician, movie production and modeling. Meanwhile the duo have appeared in different fascinating movies. Like: Last Burial, Divided Secret, Love and Cash, Twins Destiny and more.


That’s all. On the set of twin actors in the nollywood industry, and their pictures. Hope you are now aware, that the filming industry, does not just have a single set of twins but rather several twins. Trust you found this inform fascinating. If yes! then assist in sharing.


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